Hi! My name is

Rishabh Aggarwal

I am a User Experience Designer and Creative Developer based in Los Angeles. I am the President of Creative Labs at UCLA and a UI design and engineering intern at Facebook. I have previously interned at Use All Five, Blind and The Futur.

Featured Projects

LA Hacks
Branding | Experiential | Web Design & Development

How can we make a hackathon more friendly and attract people like designers who are traditionally afraid of the concept of hacking.

Bates Motel
UI & UX Design | Web Design & Development

How can we get new viewers up to speed on the show's story without having to binge watch three seasons and also give the die-hard fans something special to experience.

Digital Newspaper Experience
User Experience Design | Prototyping

How can we allow millennials to read news they care about, discover news they might be interested in and make this experience more social thereby increasing readership and revenue.

Win It In A Minute
UI & UX Design | Product Design

How can we make the experience more engaging for users of a mobile quiz game that helps people learn more by answering questions daily and competing with friends.

Playlist Potluck
Data Visualization

Developed an interactive data visualization for a Spotify and Sonos holiday marketing campaign.

Penn Apps Hack
Product Design

Designed and developed this award winning web app to make filling government forms more efficient.

The Lost Explorer
Angular Development

Developed a new twist to an e-commerce and online magazine from the ground up.

Who I've Worked With

Who I Am & What I do

I am interested in visual digital storytelling and in combining technology and art for education.

  • UI Engineering Intern, Facebook
  • President, Creative Labs
  • Design Head, Bruin Entrepreneurs
  • Organizer, LA Hacks
  • Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch
  • HTML5, CSS
  • WebGL, Canvas
  • Javascript, jQuery, Angular

I was born in in New Delhi, India and lived there till I graduated high school, when I came to Los Angeles for doing my B.Sc. in Computer Science at UCLA. Computers were my first love and I learned a lot of different software and languages and am now pretty proficient in most of them and use my skills for various purposes.

As I did a lot of front end development, I got more interested in designing the experiences for users instead of just developing them. So I started learning more about UI and UX design and worked as a design apprentice a Blind, a design studio in Santa Monica. I learnt a lot about User Centric Design, UX Facilitation and Design Thinking which I now incorporate in all my designs.

I interned as a designer at startups and agencies like GoGuardian, Blind, Use All Five and Schoolinks and developed the website for the TV show Bates Motel. I am currently interning as a UI Engineer at Facebook and am also invoved in a number of clubs on campus. I am the President of Creative Labs at UCLA and an organizer at LA Hacks.

I am a fun person to talk to, and love meeting people and making friends. So feel free to drop me a message and I might just drop by with a box of pizza and some good music for a chat!