UI/UX Design and Development

Bruin Entrepreneurs

As the design and tech lead for Bruin Entrepreneurs, I made this simple one page website to get students interested in the club and know about it's events. I recently redesigned it to go along with the rebrand for the club that I'm currently working on.
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Bates Motel

I worked with the creative team at Blind and A&E to develop the interactive experience for the TV Show Bates Motel, a recap of the first 3 seasons. This was really challenging as I built the website from the ground up as the only developer on the project.
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LA Hacks

For my second time organizing LA Hacks I led design in an effort to make it more friendly and attract people like designers who are traditionally afraid of the concept of hacking. I worked with talented people from DESMA at UCLA to make this happen.
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The Skool

This is a landing page I did for The Skool as part of my internship at the design studio, Blind in Santa Monica. This is the first iteration and we will we working on a couple more in the coming weeks. This is very user centric deisgn as well and I will be designing a different page for each set of customers.
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I was contacted to do the branding and marketing of this event with celebrities like Travis Scott in a way that appealed to college students for P Diddy's son. Designed and developed the website and promotional material along with the copy for the same and expanded that to the whole brand of the company itself.
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Creative Labs

In Spring 2016, I founded Creative Labs at UCLA in an effort to bridge the gap between designers and developers and make a community where students passionate about design can learn and grow together. In one quarter, we have had 40 members, 5 projects and a partneship with Adobe.
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Founder's School

ACM at UCLA wanted me to design and brand the entrepreneurship event they were hosting at UCLA. I wanted to approach the web dev process more meticulously and help teach the new students at Creative Labs so I broke down the process that I have for projects like these and did a step by step tutorial.
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Go Guardian

As a Design Intern at GoGuardian, I worked on a wide range of tasks. I did a lot of UX and UI design for the main app, internal apps and website. I also worked on some vector graphics, promotion design and standardiding the design of email newsletters and youtube thumbnails.
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This was a project I led for Creative Labs that involved redesigning for the non profit Youth Movement Against Alzheimer's. This was an interesting challenge that we did to target the particular users as well as build a strong backend system to add new chapters and give them an identity.
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Uber Design Challenge

While interviewing for a design internship at Uber, I got two prompts to solve as design challenges. I wrote the process behind them on Medium and broke down the problem, the idea behind the solutions and the best solution that I thought worked for the scenario.
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Digital Newpspaper Experience Redesign

This was the first project I led as part of Creative Labs. The goal was to redesign the digital newspaper experience to allow millennials to read news they care about, discover news they might be interested in and make this experience more social thereby increasing readership and revenue.
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Hacking EDU

I got contacted to design the website for Hacking EDU after I made tha LA Hacks website. They had a different vision in mind and I worked on implementing that and was pretty proud of the end result which was a clean and minimal, yet powerful and professional website that brings the point foerward in an effective way.
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As a front-end intern at SchooLinks, I worked on redesigning their brand and identity and changing the look of a lot of the components on thir website which can be seen in the link below. It was interesting as this was the first project that actually required me think a lot about different users and how the experience would affect them.
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Rishabh Aggarwal

Redesigning my website was definitely my most ambitious web design work. I have alread given it 30-40 hours of my time which inluded 4 or 5 sleepless nights. However I am more than happy with the outcome that is a resposive, unique, minimal, awesome website that ensures a different exeperience altogether on all devices.
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Fia Moniko

Designed the website for this incredibly talented artist. She wanted a plain website that just had her first song playing in the background with a bold picture of hers along with subscription field and links to social media websites.
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This website needed to showcase its 4 major products which had different backgrounds. So I had my script change the color of the text on the page according to the contrast of the background image giving it a smooth and strong look.
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Nishtaa NGO

Nishtaa is an NGO that works towards the welfare of children and women. I designed the website for this organisation and later became its Creative Head. I designed the website keeping in mind that it targets and attracts everyone and is able to present the underlying message clearly.
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XINO|Extreme Innivation

XINO is the computer club of my school DPS Rohini, As its President and Head Creative Deaprtment, I taught and worked wit many students and also designed this website with the Co-President and my best friend Shikhar Sahdev. This website was one of our first responsive designs and I love its typography.
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Brown n' Proud

As member and co-founder of this movement against skin color discrimination or Rangbhed, I designed the website several times for various occasions to to start afresh as we evolved and showcase new ideas.


I started this comany with Shikhar Sahdev so that we could design websites and graphics for various clients and collaborate with others a as a team. We have so far designed 4 websites and are currently in the process of re"invventing" our website.

Quiz Society SRCC

We designed this website for the computer club of Sri Ram college of Commerce in collaboration with TechnoBliss.

Apps and Hackathons

Beautiful Eggert

I made this chrome extension to make CS specs at UCLA look pretty and easier to read since they looked reall ugly with no formatting. It got a more than 200 downloads immediately and has more than a 100 active users.
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I made this instant game at a hackathon while interning at Facebook. This is just a fun game that I used three.js to make and modeled the dog in browser. It works as a game on Messenger and Facebook as well.
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This is my first app that got launched on the Myo app store and my first win at a hackathon. You can find out more about it and play with it on the actual app page..
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Hello LA

Hello LA is a inside guide to Los Angeles. It is a guide to the best attractions, curated by locals. It is broken into five main categories: eat, explore, learn, party, and shop. It won the Best User Experience award at Hack at Brown"
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Almari is a crowdsourced virtual wardrobe that attempts to redefine luxury clothing through a web platform for high fashion products to be shared and thus better utilized. Did the design and dev for this and it won the best Gap award at Calhacks
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This is an app that I was working on with some more students form UCLA my freshmen year. It helped finding events near you and aimed at college students. I did the UX design and visual design for this app.
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My first iOS app made at HackSC, my first hackathon. We stayed up more than 36 hours, learnt Swift and made this app that compares the routes and prices for Lyft, Uber, Cabs, Buses, Walking and Cycling.
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This was built as an "outburst of our creativity on losing an interschool event". It familiarised with with a lot of JavaScript and now is a fully functional app that is used to help users increase their touch typing speed.
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browserDzine is a web app built for web designers and customers who wish to get their websites designed. It is inspired by the idea that web designing should start in the browser itself rather than on Photoshop. It's still in its beta version so there are many more enhancements to come. It can be found on GitHub with a Standard MIT License.
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GHG Emission Calculator

This is an app I built with Ayush Chopra a student of my school for a math exhibition. It aims to help users reduce their carbon footprint by determining the emissions made by theor usage of different items through calculations based on data entered by them.
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Branding and Graphic Design

Arena Ventures Logo Design

I was contacted by Arena Ventures to design their logo that represented fast growth, ruggedness and ability to launch startups. I came up with this design that resembled a rocket and also incorporated the letters A and V in it.
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UCLA Engineering Society T-Shirt

Designed this Tshirt for ESUC, UCLA as part of an online contest. This is now the official Tshirt for the year 2014-2015. This design encompasses all fields of engineering represented by self designed icons and oriented beautifully.
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These are the results of me trying my hand at illustrations. I made an illustration for a fellow member of Brown n' Proud and a Los Angeles Artist, Fia Moniko.
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Virtual Reality Logo

Designed this logo for my school's photogaphy club called Virtual Reality. The logo uses a self illustrated hand and camera to spell the letters V and R and it also seems like the hand is clicking a photo.
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Kabaddi Poster

Designed this poster as an infographic on the Indian Sport Kabbaddi.
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Biscuit Advertisement

Designed this poster advertisement for marketing the hypothetical biscuit called Glucomatic.
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Bio Suit Design

Designed this biosuit from scratch as part of NASA'S SSDC in which our team won the third prize. This is the prototype design for our proposed bio suit.
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Hamburger Infographic

Designed this minimal inforgraphic on hamburgers during an inter school competition using the limited images provided.
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Book Cover Design

Designed the cover for the book called "Dragons in Distress" for an inter school event. The story for the same was written by another team member.
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Space Settlement Design 3D (Maya)

Designed the 3D model of our space settlement prototoype using 3DS MAX. This won our team the third prizr in NASA'S SSDC.
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Ipad App Icon

Designed this iPad app icon for a company that had an app that scanned both QR and Barcodes.
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Teachers Day 2013

I made this video for Teachers Day at school and it was shown to all the teachers and students on that occassion.
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Brown n' Prown Campaign

I made this video as part of Brown n' Prouds campaign against the unfair labelling of a crayon as 'skin'. It required lots of thinking and was made to look simple and effective.
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French Exchange Video

I made this video on India and our school to show to the French students in France during the French Exchange Program. I especially like this because of its superb audio video sync and cool audio track.
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Farewell 2013

Made to bid farewell to our seniors. Brought back many memories and the audience was laughing and crying at the same time and was one of my most appreciated videos.
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Life in Rags Documentary

This was one of my first videos that required such extensive planning, shooting and editing and also dealt with a sensitive issue. It was a great learning experience which taught me both about the social problem and the art of film making. It also won us the best direction award.
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The 3 Warriors

This was my first video for which I made a storyline, got my friends to act and had visual effects using camera tricks. Though it is really unprofessional, it deserves an upload because it was the beginning of my journey in film making. And yes, it was edited in MovieMaker.
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Microsoft Winner

Well not exactly my work! But a result of and I star in it. Discovery channel made this video for me when I won a National Level Script Your Fme Contest by Microsoft and Discovery. I also got an XBOX 360 and this award changed my life and of course made me popular at school.
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